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DMZ, $muc, Flatline, Jes Latino, El Boosta, Infamous, WTX G, Geo, & GK LIVE at Club Union.

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DMZ, Brown Boy, $muc, Jes Latino, El Boosta, & Flatline LIVE at Club Cabana's!
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DMZ, Crook Town Records, Money Side Musica, Flatline, $muc, El Boosta, & Jes Latino Live at El Patio Bar.


With his new CD “Mindin' My Bizniz,” THAT DIRTY MEXICAN ZOE once again proves that he is one of the bigger underground acts, threatening/appealing to the mainstream. His first single SHINE featuring BIG GEMINI is a Radio-friendly jam, chock-full of swagger, well-earned bravado, a hook that is sure to get your head moving.

Hard work and determination has put THAT DIRTY MEXICAN ZOE ahead of the pack. ZOE (short for gonzo) spits “conscious rap.” His songs & lyrics tell of growing up, toughened by the streets, working hard to get ahead and the ups and downs along the way.

Growing up wasn't easy for Zoe. He was born and raised in the North-side projects of Corpus Christi called “The Cuts”, until the age of 12 when big trouble struck. His mom suffered 3 nearly fatal strokes and immigration issues arose with his stepfather, which forced a young ZOE and his family to move further down the South Coast to the Sunny Rio Grande Valley. But the trials and tribulations didn't end there. A young ZOE had trouble adjusting to his new life and found himself in and out of trouble throughout his teenage years. ZOE's love for rap grew, and he began writing about the troubles he was living, but his flows never made it out of his notepads or the school lunch yard.

Salvation came in 2000 when ZOE joined the United States Marine Corps and his life took a turn for the better. With a renewed determination, ZOE stepped up to the mic to drop his first solo album in 2002 while stationed in Okinawa, Japan, aptly-titled “MY TIME TO SHINE.” Since then ZOE has dropped 5 albums and 5 mix-tapes, featuring the likes of CHINGO BLING, CAROLYN RODRIGUEZ, JUAN GOTTI, MICHEAL“5K” WATTS, LUCKY LUCIANO, TRAE tha TRUTH, LIL UNO and more.

“When I came back into the Texas rap scene after 10 years of working side by side with AB Quintanilla, there were very few artists that captured my attention; one was Baby Bash & the other was That Dirty Mexican Zoe” - Big Bert (Worked with the likes of SPM, Baby Bash, & Kumbia Kings)

Since then, ZOE has been on the up-swing, opening shows for big names like DMX, CHAMILLIONAIRE, and THE GAME just to name a few as well as headlining his own shows.

ZOE'S music videos on YOUTUBE garner a lot of praise and some have almost 100,000 views.

One such video, TOO HARD Featuring CAROLYN RODRIGUEZ shows ZOE revisiting his childhood home in “The Cuts” of Corpus. The song reveals some of ZOE's past, growing up poor, no money, little food, taking beatings. “I take you back to the projects, payless pro-wings, no food, no light cause momma was dope fiend. Now you see a paid man, hard to picture those things, try to leave it all behind but ain't forgot by no means.”

“MINDIN' MY BIZNIZ” was released on August 30th, 2010 and is sure to take THAT DIRTY MEXICAN ZOE to greater heights. Features on his new album include PAULA DE ANDA, BIG GEMINI, and CHINGO BLING. His Aptly-titled record label MEAN HUSTLE is a statement, a statement that tells everyone he isn't afraid of hard work and getting his hands dirty to achieve success as an artist and an entrepreneur in the music industry.

“I've come way too far, I've worked way too hard, I've put my faith in god, so ain't no way you're gonna stop me.”

- That Dirty Mexican Zoe




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